The Lake MichiganShore Wine Trail

It’s no good keeping brands all bottled up.

That’s the beauty and the challenge of the Lake Michigan Shore Wine Trail—Southwest Michigan’s wine enjoyment destination. Our “Taste. Relax. Repeat.” tagline became the brand’s core message and paired with fresh visuals for an energetic, inviting feeling.

The Wine Trail originally came to us for print ads, billboards, and brochures. We delivered, but also added a fully reimagined website, guerrilla social media events, and strategic product placements at key events and business throughout Wes Michigan. Put that in your glass and taste it.

Highlighted Deliverables:

  • Clear, concise core message
  • Captivating tag line, incorporated throughout all branding
  • Enhanced Wine Trail Map, with compatible online option
  • Complete website build with improved UX; calls-to-action
  • Billboard and print ad initiatives
  • Special events, including Tastemakers event, which more than doubled Social Media followers