Driving an exciting and memorable brand experience

GHSP is an engineering firm pushing the boundaries of driving technology. It was time for their big debut at CES 2018—a trade show with all the big automotive players in attendance. Their goal was simple: attract evert-goers and keep them engaged as long as possible.

To accomplish this, we proposed the idea of an engineer’s playground—a place where people could touch, interact, and literally play with GHSP’s innovative car components. Once our client bought in, we developed all the bells and whistles, including custom kiosks, looping animations, and am interactive Virtual Reality experience—all welcoming futurologists into an experience like they’ve never had before.

Highlighted Deliverables:

  • Tradeshow Environment
  • Custom Kiosk Design
  • Tradeshow Carpet Design
  • Google Cardboard
  • VR Experience
  • Digital Marketing Graphics
  • Event Invitation
  • Tradeshow Brochure
  • Follow-up Thank you Notes